Profitably Embrace a Sustainable Future.

Harness the power of the sun and let energy become your superpower. Use solar energy to decarbonize your buildings, drive new revenue streams, and meet ESG targets for your real estate portfolio. Our suite of data tools will help you get there.
ESG Reporting Software

How It Works

Esg Reporting Framework
ESG Service Providers


Live solar intelligence for every building


Lumen applies software, data science, and decades of onsite energy experience to enable you to precisely identify profitable solar opportunities across your properties - current, new construction or future acquisitions.


Lumen dynamically models utility bills, historical energy cost and usage, roof type/space, tenant data, ESG and CO2 metrics, technology costs, federal incentives, state incentives, and financing, so you can continuously optimize your solar strategy and make intelligent choices across a diverse portfolio.

ESG Service Providers
ESG Service Providers


Profitably deploy solar.


Partner with Lumen on a clean energy subscription that takes advantage of federal and state tax credits; or leverage green financing options to make solar more profitable for your business.

Installer Auctions

Lumen's reverse auction among qualified, certified installation partners ensures your business gets the best solar value for each unique deployment.

ESG Reporting Software
ESG Reporting Framework


We’re dedicated to offering ongoing support to help you and your bottom line.

With Lumen’s One Bill solution, you collect net income from your tenants as they pay their individual utility bills and then you settle the residential utility bill. If the solar is covering the CAM - then we will manage that. Our state-of-the-art energy systems work in harmony with the dynamic grid. We ensure that your building/buildings are continuously optimized to continue lowering carbon use so you can reap additional future revenue increases.

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ESG Performance Reporting
Portfolio Managers

Scenario planning at the portfolio level to help you identify where and when solar fits your strategy. Collaborate with us to position your portfolio to reach your long-term energy goals

  • Multi-year CapEx/ROI scenario planning
  • ESG-related financing support (green bonds, debt funds, CPACE, etc)
  • Asset dashboard with building level drill down
  • Green bond/ESG goal attestation and documentation
ESG Data Vendors
Property/Facility Managers

Identify on an ongoing basis where and when solar conversion can be leveraged to reduce energy usage, costs, and CO2 emissions at each site.

  • Solar installation cost savings
  • Tenant/Multi-tenant PPA management
  • Solar installation management
  • Solar install impact on building NOI
  • Mapping solar install financial incentives
  • Energy efficiency vs solar install
  • Solar installation management
  • CO2 emissions/carbon footprint monitoring
  • Tracking and driving improvements to EnergyStar rating
ESG Service Providers

Underwrite redevelopment or asset repositioning opportunities at the site level with an eye on the impact of future solar installation on cap rate and future valuation

  • Modeling solar in deal underwriting
  • Modeling solar in redevelopment
  • Scenario planning deal opportunities to better project how building use impacts estimated energy use
  • Local market review to build deal pipeline of best prospects for solar
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Solar doesn't have to
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Let Lumen Energy give you ESG superpowers. Our experts can guide you on a path towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

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